Professional Resume

Darien Caron


Game Programmer

  • Advanced diploma in Game Development.
  • Bilingual French/English.
  • Skilled in C++ development
    • 5 years experience developing games. 2 years professionally.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4
    • 2 years professional experience.
  • Skilled in Unity 3D
    • 2 years experience.
  • Experience with Agile Scrum methodology development. 


Algonquin College

Advanced Diploma in Game Development

September 2016 – April 2019

  • Graduated with a 3.33/4 GPA
  • Earned Dean’s list during my 3rd year of the program.
  • Coursework completed in game development and design, 3D modelling, programming, and project management.



  • Primary Languages: C++                   
    • 3 years intensive use for game development.                             
  • Secondary Languages: C#             
    • 2 years intensive use for game development.                              
  • Technologies: OpenGL, Bullet, Box2D 
    • Used during Game development program.        
  • Other: HLSL           


  • Version Control: Tortoise SVN, GitHub, Perforce         
    • Used for version control on game projects.               
  • IDE’s : Visual Studio     
    • 3 years intensive use for game development.                
  • Game Engines: Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4   
    • 2 years Unity experience. 1 year Unreal Engine 4 experience. 

Relevant Experience

CyberConnect2 Montreal

Gameplay Programmer

February 2020 – Currently still employed

  • Work alongside a team of programmers to create gameplay mechanics.
  • Experience creating tools for artists and designers.
  • Experience working with UE4.
  • Daily communication with Japanese developers within the Japan studios.

Developed Titles

Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles

Developer: CyberConnect2

Released: October 2021

Language: C++ UE4


  • The game is an action adventure game that includes offline and online 2v2 combat.
  • Based on the popular Demon Slayer anime.
  • I worked as a gameplay programmer for this project.



August 2020

  • A FPS PS1 style atmospheric horror game.
  • Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer, System Programmer
  • Developed in Unity C#
  • Utilizes portals I developped to create interesting and mind bending gameplay.
  • The systems utilize scriptable objects for scalable development. 

A Small Soul (PC)

September 2018- April 2019

  • 3D action platformer made in Unity as final college assignment.
  • Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer, Code contact, Artist, Designer.
  • Using C# in a team of nine, I created systems such as active ledge detection and a sturdy menu system.

Teleporting Game

September 2019

  • Game similar to portal but instead the player utilizes the environment portals.
  • Currently developing the game in Unity3D 2019 using C#.
  • Uses a mySQL database to load levels and setup player stats per level.
  • Implemented character controller, teleporting and simple level manager.

Ubisoft NXT 2019

March 2019

  • Created a 2D Pac-Man game using a simple C++ API.
  • Implemented a scene graph as a way to render multiple entities.
  • Simple collision detection using edge detection. 

Cardinal’s Flight (PC)

January 2019

  • I made this game myself as a game jam project with a time frame of 2 days.
  • C#, made in unity.
  • Includes simple flight physics.

Meat boy lite (PC)

January – April 2018

  • A fan game inspired by super meat boy.
  • C++, programmer.
  • The project was to create a 2d game using Box2D as the engine. Added built in lighting shaders and AI patterns for hazards.


Favorite Games

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Dying Light, GTA V, Assassins Creed Franchise, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Star Wars Battlefront 2.