Ubisoft NXT 2019

The goal for the Ubisoft NXT programming challenge was to recreate pac-man. The main focus was to get AI up and running in a small C++ framework. The challenge went on for 3 days. The mistake i made during the competition was i implemented an A* path finding algorithm towards the end of the challenge, […]

Meat Boy Lite

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the art assets used in this project, it was a fan game made for educational purposes. All rights go to the original creator of Super Meat Boy. Meat boy lite was a project made in 2018 during my second year of the game development at Algonquin College. It […]

Cardinal’s Flight

Cardinal Directions is the result of a Game Jam myself and a couple friends participated in. Appropriately the theme of the game jam was “Cardinal Directions”. We had 4 days to complete it. The goal of the game is to fly as a cardinal around a large open landscape in search of a nest. If […]